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“Matching Manufacturers with Suppliers”

Trying to Fill the NEED for Hand-Sanitizers?
Here’s How You Can Help!


If you have MANUFACTURING CAPACITY, but need ingredients, components of supporting services;

 – OR

If you are a SUPPLIER of INGREDIENTS, COMPONENTS or SUPPORTING SERVICES needed to manufacture and distribute Hand-Sanitizers;

The EXCHANGE can help match MANUFACTURERS with SUPPLIERS  in a THREE-STEP process:


STEP #1:
Provide the Exchange with your CONTACT INFORMATION and what you NEED or what you can SUPPLY;


STEP #2:
The Exchange will MATCH the NEED with the AVAILABLE SUPPLY, and provide the Manufacturer with a list of AVAILABLE SUPPLIERS; and


STEP #3:
The MANUFACTURER can CONTACT the AVAILABLE SUPPLIERS and work out their arrangements.


To Access the Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturers Exchange
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To ensure that ALL hand-sanitizers produced for use during the COVID-19 emergency are both EFFICACIOUS and SAFE, ANYONE making a hand-sanitizer MUST register with HEALTH CANADA and manufacture the product pursuant to the “regulatory flexibilities” recently announced by Health Canada.

Recent Health Canada Materials

The Hand-Sanitizers Manufacturing Exchange is an effort of Cosmetics Alliance Canada (CAC), Spirits Canada/Association of Canadian Distillers (ACS), Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC) and the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA) to assist industry in its efforts to expand the domestic production and distribution of hand-sanitizers.  It will additionally provide industry and governments with a further tool in assessing shortages of components, ingredients and supporting services needed by manufacturers as well as manufacturing capacity.