“Matching Manufacturers with Suppliers”

Trying to Fill the NEED for Hand-Sanitizers?
Here’s How You Can Help!


If you have MANUFACTURING CAPACITY, but need ingredients, components of supporting services;

 – OR

If you are a SUPPLIER of INGREDIENTS, COMPONENTS or SUPPORTING SERVICES needed to manufacture and distribute Hand-Sanitizers;

The EXCHANGE can help match MANUFACTURERS with SUPPLIERS  in a THREE-STEP process:


STEP #1:
Provide the Exchange with your CONTACT INFORMATION and what you NEED or what you can SUPPLY;

STEP #2:
The Exchange will MATCH the NEED with the AVAILABLE SUPPLY, and provide the Manufacturer with a list of AVAILABLE SUPPLIERS; and

STEP #3:
The MANUFACTURER can CONTACT the AVAILABLE SUPPLIERS and work out their arrangements.


To Access the Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturers Exchange
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To ensure that ALL hand-sanitizers produced for use during the COVID-19 emergency are both EFFICACIOUS and SAFE, ANYONE making a hand-sanitizer MUST register with HEALTH CANADA and manufacture the product pursuant to the “regulatory flexibilities” recently announced by Health Canada.

Recent Health Canada Materials

The Hand-Sanitizers Manufacturing Exchange is an effort of Cosmetics Alliance Canada (CAC), Spirits Canada/Association of Canadian Distillers (ACS) and the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA) to assist industry in its efforts to expand the domestic production and distribution of hand-sanitizers.  It will additionally provide industry and governments with a further tool in assessing shortages of components, ingredients and supporting services needed by manufacturers as well as manufacturing capacity.