Supplier Engagement

Supplier Engagement

If you are a supplier to our members, you should join CCSPA. Why?

In October 2011, the Government announced the renewal of the CMP at the Annual CCSPA Government Interface. We started CMP3 in 2016 – and we have over ~ 500 business critical substances on the list! CCSPA is extremely active on all aspects of this important file and we are working hard to ensure our industry and our substances are supported and defended. CCSPA advocates for:

  • science-based decisions
  • due process for companies
  • effective communications to Canadians

We also:

  • work to engage our members about the importance of formulator, supplier and/or retailer awareness of the substances captured in the Industry Challenge Program, CMP2 and now CMP3
  • assist our members on the CMP process for submitting the necessary technical data to government that will allow continued access to technology and provide opportunities for engagement with officials on the science
  • increase the proactive communication by government, industry and retailers on risk management and regulation, approval processes and their actions on substances
  • provide key information documents to our members, their customers and retail associations handling media interviews on this important topic

Contact us today to discuss your substances and how we can work proactively with government to get that science-based decision.


“Membership in CCSPA ensures we are able to stay on top of the myriad of activities regarding chemical substances under the CMP. Doing so without the help of CCSPA would be exceedingly difficult”.

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