External Forums For Members

External Forums For Members

Pest Management Advisory Council (PMAC)

PMAC, established in November 1998, is a multi-stakeholder group that fosters communication and dialogue among stakeholders and with PMRA and provides advice to the Minister of Health on policies and issues relating to the federal pest management regulatory system. CCSPA is a founding member and is represented by the President of CCSPA, Shannon Coombs.

“No other association achieves front line government response like CCSPA. There is no question that the concerns from industry are met by answers from Canada’s most senior officials, driven by CCSPA relations and science. CCSPA ensures the voice of industry is heard and understood.”

Darrin Noble
General Manager
Beauti-Tone Paint and Home Products

Chemicals Management Program Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Established in 2008, this multi-stakeholder committee provides strategic advice to Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada related to the program management of the Chemicals Management Plan, including communications. The Committee is now in its 3rd mandate with CMP3 being launched in April 2016. CCSPA was re-appointed and is represented by our President, Shannon Coombs.

Canadian Environmental Protection Act Industry Co-ordinating Group (CEPA ICG)

CEPA ICG is a group of associations and companies that are affected by CEPA and includes both producers and users of chemicals in Canada. The group was formed during the formal multi-stakeholder consultation in 1985-86 to provide an industry backup for representatives on the consultation team, and it has continued to serve as a valuable forum for communication between government and industry on CEPA-related issues. CCSPA and our members sit on this committee.

NAFTA Technical Working Group (TWG) on Pesticides

TWG is an international group made up of representatives from several North American trade associations, companies, and the governments from the US, Canada and Mexico. TWG was formed to address pesticide issues within the framework of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in order to reduce trade barriers and increase access to products over NAFTA borders. CCSPA and our members participate in this group.

WHMIS Current Issues Committee (CIC)

The CIC serves as the forum for consultation on matters concerning the interpretation or modification of WHMIS. The Committee facilitates information and knowledge-sharing between government regulators and affected stakeholders in order to improve coordination and collaboration in achieving compliance with WHMIS. CCSPA and our members sit on this committee.