CCSPA Success Stories

CCSPA Success Stories

 For 2018, CCSPA was successful on a number of files for members. Highlights include:

  • 8 years of 100% member satisfaction
  • Worked proactively with Government to provide science to defend business-critical substances on CMP3
  • Reduced fees for disinfectant reviews
  • Restored concentration ranges under the Hazardous Products Regulation
  • Retained the Reference Listing on the Government website for those members who have pre-existing Letters of No-Objection
  • No stigmatization of our members’ products in the review of CEPA
  • Developed and submitted a separate framework for disinfectants/sanitizers to Government
  • Reduced workload for data collection, designed a sector approach for our members, plus provided collective and accurate information for CMP3 substances

For more information on HOW we accomplished this – and how you can work with us to achieve results that impact your bottom line – please contact Shannon Coombs, President.

“Recochem has been an active member of CCSPA since 1958. Both our company and the Association have changed names in that time, but what has not changed is our reliance on each other to help the industry navigate the ever changing maze of regulations and legislation. I cannot imagine anyone doing business in Canada in the consumer specialty products chemical sector being successful and legally compliant without being a member of this Association.”

Brian Prendergast
Senior Vice President, Americas
Recochem Inc.


“CCSPA’s groundbreaking leadership in moving forward with industry’s voluntary ingredient communication initiative shows commitment not only to their members but also to Canadian consumers. For the last 8 years, we continue to have 100% compliance by our impacted members – which is a testament to the effectiveness of the program.”

Heather Barker
Director, Regulatory & Government Affairs
Reckitt Benckiser (Canada) Inc.