CCSPA Committees

CCSPA Committees

The CCSPA staff have excellent relations with the regulators – your company can benefit from these relationships and these forums allow for them to continue to succeed.

Specialty Products & Environment Committee (SPEC)

CCSPA’s Specialty Products & Environment Committee meets in person at least twice per year, and also has conference calls on an as needed basis, to discuss environmental issues in Canada facing all members as well as issues surrounding the regulation of soaps and detergents. This past year, the committee focused on the following:

  • Chemicals Management Plan (CMP), CMP3, CMP2 groups and Substance/Brand Defence
  • CEPA Review of Parliament
  • Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and Regulations
  • Post-consumer Waste Issues – focussed on Ontario with new legislation and ISP service provider, as well as on regulation in other provinces.
  • Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations 2001
  • Defence of Risk-based Labelling Issues
  • Implementation of GHS
  • CBI and GHS – the complicated HMIRA process
  • RCC Chemical Management & GHS Working Groups
  • Reducing Regulatory Burden
  • Draft Regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Survey
  • Modernization of NAFTA – now USMCA


“ACI is not a member, but as the president of a sister association with a much larger staff, I am always amazed at the amount and quality of the work done by the CCSPA’s small staff and its extraordinary effectiveness.”

Melissa Hockstad   |   President and Chief Executive Officer   |   American Cleaning Institute

Registered Products Committee (RPC)

This CCSPA Committee meets in person at least twice per year, and has conference calls on an as needed basis, to discuss key issues surrounding the regulation of biocides, antimicrobials and pest control products. This past year, the committee focused mainly on the following issues:

  • Future Regulation for Disinfectants & Sanitizers under a separate framework
  • Provincial Regulation in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba for Pest Control Products
  • Extensive Activity on PMRA Performance Standards via EMAC
  • Providing Insightful Comments and Suggestions on PMRA Regulatory Proposals and Communications prior to becoming Directives – including advertising and cost recovery
  • PMRA Treated Articles Policy


“CCSPA is an exceptionally effective industry trade association. Its Board of Directors, committees and staff are dedicated stewards looking out for the interests of the entire membership. This association, through it results-oriented proactive leadership, has garnered the respect of the highest levels of the Canadian government.”

Steve Caldeira   |   President & CEO  |   Household & Commercial Products Association

Public Affairs Committee (PAC)

CCSPA’s Public Affairs Committee provides strategic direction on the development of public relations materials to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of our members’ products. CCSPA continues a social media presence to help educate and inform elected and government officials about the benefits of our products. CCSPA developed 5 new campaigns: #washyourhands, #recycling, #ritalabel, #didyouknow, #lymeaware. Our campaigns are extremely successful and we have done ad hoc campaigns in 2018: #beatplasticpollution and #30daysofCEPA.